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Save money and avoid frustration with your wardrobe

Ladies, I’m sure there have been plenty of times when you thought you needed to buy a new dress for a special event, like a party or wedding.

But when you think about it, you probably had plenty of nice outfits in your closet the people at the event hadn’t seen you wear before, but you just THINK everyone has seen you in it.

So instead, you go shopping and spend money unnecessarily.

If you just had an easy way to track when you’ve worn dresses and outfits to special events – and the people who were there who saw you wear it -- I bet you’ll see there isn’t very much overlap of people who've seen you wear an outfit more than once.

With just a few seconds of keeping notes like these for your clothes, we think you’ll save time and money from unnecessary shopping.

Of course, we highly recommend using our patent-pending Clothes Notes™ to help you do this. They are easy to use, and are designed to fit on just about any hanger.

But if you’re going to use something, we don’t recommend using “sticky” notes, sheets of paper, or even your smartphone. Read why here.

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